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Dress Code Requirements

Strict class dress codes will be enforced. Hair MUST be put up for ALL classes. T-shirts, shorts, cover ups or jewelry are not permitted in class. Please leave all valuables at home as the studio is not responsible for any lost items. It is VERY IMPORTANT that dance shoes fit properly and conform to the feet. Studio 1 has required shoes and dance apparel for each level of dance instruction. All items will be purchased by you through Studio 1 for your convenience. Male Dancers: white t-shirt, black male tights or jazz pants Adult Dancers: Leotard/tights of your choice. Jazz pants, shorts or t-shirts over leotard and tights are permitted. All dancers should wear a cover up over their dance clothes when entering and leaving the studio. Dance shoes are to be worn in class rooms ONLY. They should NEVER be worn outside or when going to and from the car. Also, dance shoes should NEVER get wet! Please put your child’s name on all dance shoes and dance apparel.


Annual dance recital performances are held in May or June.  The date, time and location are to be announced.  We will be diligently researching for the best possible facility coinciding with a balance of cost-effectiveness.  It is our standard that the performances are presented in a highly professional quality environment and is imperative for your child’s training.  This is an opportunity for when dancers can demonstrate and showcase their talents, abilities and acquired skills learned throughout the year in a theatrical setting.  This positive experience helps develop self-confidence, poise, and a sense of accomplishment that comes from stage presence and performing in front of a large audience.  We strive to keep all family members together in the same show.  However, when working with so many families and dancers who take multiple classes, it is not always feasible.
Recital Participation Fee:  Per family due by February 1st.  This fee is required to assist in offsetting the cost of production expenses. Withdrawal from the studio after February 1st will result in forfeit of the Recital Fee.  All recital fees are non-refundable.


Costumes are ordered the first week of December from professional costume manufacturers from all over the United States.  Combination classes: ages 3 – 8 years require only one (1) costume.  The average cost of costumes range from $90-$100.  Some styles may cost more.  Extra-large sizes require a $5 extra/each costume (per manufacturer). 1st Costume deposit:  $45 minimum per class due September 1st 2nd Costume deposit: $50 minimum per class due October 1st Final costume balance is due on November 1st (statements will be provide) Late processing fee: $25 each costume after December 5th.  Distribution of any costume requires account to be current.  Withdrawal from the studio after November 1st will be accessed the full balance regardless the reason of the withdrawal. Students are measured in class for costumes.  Please note that costumes are not custom fit and any minor alterations will incur a slight cost by you.  Costumes cannot be exchanged or returned Costume payments are non-refundable.