Our Courses

Classes Offered

3-4 year olds:
Combination Class ballet/tap 1 hour
5-6 year olds:
Combination Class ballet/tap/jazz 1 ½ hour
Preparation classes in creative movement, ballet, tap and jazz are especially designed to train the dancer with an emphasis on coordination, rhythm, timing, self-expression and the basic dance techniques in a loving and nurturing environment.
7-8 year olds:
Combination Class ballet/tap/jazz 1 ½ hour
9-10 year olds:
Combination Class ballet/tap/jazz 1 ½ hour
Preparation classes which further a dancer’s technical knowledge and aspects of the art; especially designed to enhance and hone the basic fundamentals and technique of the above dance subjects. Designed to provide a solid foundation to achieve a higher level of all dance forms.
11 yrs. – teen – adult 1 to 1 ½ hour
The foundation of all dance forms necessary for the technical development of a dancer. Ballet is the most beneficial discipline in which to achieve correct body posture, poise, balance and physical control. Dancers are exposed to classical, contemporary and musical theatre forms.
Pointe: (see instructors)
A thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of ballet is required and proper preparation, as well as instructor’s approval, students may begin pointe training. Pointe students are required to take two (2) classes per week.
11 yrs. – teen – adult 1 hour
Jazz is based on the principals of ballet as well as lyrical/modern techniques and is excellent for developing body control, for strengthening and limbering all muscles. Classes include body conditioning exercises, Pilates, jazz techniques, combinations, routines and the latest dance steps. Jazz students are required to take a ballet class weekly (with the exception of adults).
11 yrs. – teen – adult 1 hour
Tap is unsurpassed for developing a sense of rhythm, timing, coordination and self-expression. Tap classes are as fun as they are exciting for students of all ages. Tap students are required to take a ballet class weekly (with the exception of adults).
7 yrs. – teen 1 hour
Learn the latest mix of dance styles, originating from the urban streets of L.A. and New York. A class full of funky rhythm and fierce combinations. An energetic and fun class for all!
Adult Classes:
Co-ed classes in ballet, tap and jazz (including Zumba) are very popular and exciting! It is the best way to have fun while working out! Beginning, intermediate and advanced adult classes are available.
Master Classes:
On-going Master Classes for intermediate and advanced dancers are available throughout the year with the most entertaining and inspiring guest instructors and choreographers. Contact the office for schedules.

Any class with less than six (6) students is subject to cancellation and students will be directed to another class.


The school faculty and artistic directors meet regularly to discuss each dancer’s progress and/or placement. It is our policy to offer appropriate opportunities to every child. Placement decisions are derived from many years of teaching experience. Often a child is placed in a particular group or class where he or she will feel confident, in order to promote the development of self-esteem. Some dancers who are placed in a higher level become discouraged, only to lose their passion for dance. Others respond to the challenge of being in a class with dancers who are more proficient by pushing themselves to work harder. Placement is highly individual and the factors which go into the decision are complex. Each student will be evaluated during the first month of class by the faculty to assure that proper placement has been made. An administration fee per class will be charged AFTER the first thirty (30) days from the date of your first class, for ANY class change requested by a student, parent, or guardian UNLESS the request is recommended by the instructor.

Students may add on or drop classes before December 1st. After that time, costume orders will have been placed.